The Best Green Plants – Faux & Real

The Best Green Plants

As we wind down a beautiful summer and look forward to the colors of autumn, it’s pretty clear, that being around nature brings happiness into your life. They say that nature is the best medicine so, when you are indoors, why not take a piece of nature and make it part of your decor? That’s…

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Design Your Home Right from Your Couch

Design Your Home Right From Your Couch

It’s so interesting when things happen at the exact right time. For me it was the addition of E-Design services to my business before we all received stay-at-home orders. As a result I have been able to help my clients throughout the pandemic. This is total synchronicity. I couldn’t have planned it any better. But…

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Confined Yet Cozy – ideas to make your nest it’s best

Confined Yet Cozy

In these disquieting times, the place that we are going to find peace and comfort is within ourselves, the people with whom we share our space and our immediate surroundings. So, I thought I would offer some help to make your home a peaceful, warm sanctuary. Let’s all make our nests more cozy, work-friendly and…

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E-DESIGN Services Now Offered by kellydesigns

Expert E-Designer

I’m excited to announce that kellydesigns is now offering E-DESIGN services. This is an online interactive design experience, for anyone in any location. You do SOME of the work under EXPERT guidance with PROFESSIONAL results. Throughout this process you will have DIRECT access to Kelly. We will collaborate one-on-one, review options and share feedback. I…

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Who knew Laundry could be so FUN!

Laundry is one of those tasks that you never quite get the SATISFACTION of completing. It just keeps on coming …… As we spend so much time on this task, it only makes sense to make your laundry room one that you WANT to be in. No matter what the size of your space, you…

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2019 Design Trends You’ll Want To Know


When it comes to design, nothing ever stays the same. That’s what makes it so interesting and allows each of us to put our individual stamp on how we DECORATE and LIVE in our homes. These are the hot new interior design trends for 2019 that I’m discussing with my Fairfield and Westchester County clients.…

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Pet friendly sofas that look great too!!!

Pet Friendly Sofas Without Compromising Style

You love your pet and you want a nice home too.  I get it…..Here’s my best friend Lulu. 🙂 Let’s face it though, even the most well-trained pets shed, have occasional accidents and can be rough on your furniture. Not to mention the fact that they drag dirt in from the outside. So I thought I…

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5 Kitchen Trends to Look for in 2019

from decorpad

Let’s face it, no matter what your kitchen looks like, guests and family will always congregate in it. You just can’t seem to get them out. 🙂 So why not take your Kitchen design a step further and consider one of these hot new trends. Here are some of the design elements I have been…

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Holiday Decorating That’s Simple & Fun

from Southern Living

I know a lot of people start their holiday decorating as early as Thanksgiving weekend, so this month I thought I’d share some STYLING TIPS that I use to decorate the homes of my Fairfield and Westchester clients. These simple ideas are not expensive or time-consuming but when you are done it will certainly look…

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