E-DESIGN by kellydesigns

Not in the area? Working on only a couple of rooms? Willing to do some of the work (like measuring, installing, etc.)? Our e-design service can work for you!

E-Design is a simplified version of our traditional interior design services allowing you to work with kellydesigns virtually to create a personalized design plan for your home. This option is perfect for the DIY person who needs some design direction, whether you'd like help putting the finishing touches on a single room or you are looking for a design plan for your entire home.

We will work together through e-mail and by phone to curate a space that meets both your style and budget. All items are sourced from retail locations accessible locally or online allowing you to execute the project at your own pace.

Getting started is easy! Just click here to tell us about your project.

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Sample Design Board

Here is a sample design board by kellydesigns for an E-design project for a living or family room with a coastal/beach theme with colors of white, tan, ivory, blue and turquoise.

In addition to the design board, you will receive a product list which allows you to purchase items directly from the supplier's online source, as well as recommended paint colors.

kellydesigns E-DESIGN board
Sample Design Board

Benefits of E-Design

  • Provides a detailed and compelling “visual” so you can see products within the space
  • Is extraordinarily budget friendly because you’re only paying for the expertise and not the time consuming shopping time of the designer – Design for all!
  • Creates a cohesive “plan” for your space before spending on expensive items that don’t go with one another
  • Allows you to phase and control your design budget completely
  • Saves you oodles of time sourcing for products in an overwhelming online space…I’m an expert at shopping and knowing where to find those perfect items.
  • Helps you avoid costly mistakes because a plan with a visual sets the expectation of the room while showing items that may not fit the space or overall budget
  • Shows you to scale what items will work best next to one another
  • Keeps you to a design style that works in your home, with your lifestyle and true to you
  • Starts with what you own and love, then builds upon that style for a cohesive, affordable layout.