Decorating with Blue & White

hen designing a space from scratch or simply refreshing a room, blue and white can be great go-to colors. A blue and white color scheme is not just for coastal homes. This is a timeless palette that works with any design style ranging from modern to traditional and everything in between. It is so versatile that you can use it on anything in your room including walls, wood, upholstery, and accessories.

So let’s dive in and see how I design with blue and white for my Fairfield, Westchester, and now my E-Design clients all around the country.

Choose your tone

Choose your tone

Blue is so diverse that you can find a shade to suit any mood and desire. Whether your preference is light or dark, bright or subtle, bold or soft, you’ll be able to find a blue tone to your liking. Blue is a color of trust and loyalty. It is also proven to have a calming effect on our psyche. It said to help people feel confident and secure. Who wouldn't like that in their lives?

Once you choose your shade of blue we can select a complimentary white with the correct undertones.

blue shades
from Etsy

Mainly blue

Most people consider blue to be soothing because it is reminiscent of the beautiful ocean and sky. This makes it a great choice as a dominant color in a room. However, when using the same color on multiple elements, it's essential to choose similar tones for consistency and to have the proper ratio of contrast so as not to overwhelm.

We made sure this Dining Room we designed, for our Fairfield client, had the proper balance of dark and light. We then softened it up with a custom rug and white wainscoting on the walls. The table and sideboard of natural wood helps to make the space feel more casual and we custom-made these drapes for a striking accent.

Blue Dining Room
from kellydesigns

Create an accent wall

A blue accent wall adds depth to a room and helps warm up an all-white house. In my Brush Island project, we chose a darker shade of blue to enhance the elegance of the Living Room design. We also wanted to add texture by choosing a grasscloth wallpaper. This is now a stunning entry and open entertaining space in this beautiful coastal home.

Accent Wall
from kellydesigns

On upholstery & rugs

The easiest way to create a blue and white color scheme is to pick a pattern of these colors for your chairs or area rug. You can choose a conservative look or take the opportunity to have some fun and go with something trendy or unique. This University Area Living Room came alive when we added the area rug, chairs, and throw pillows in bold navy and white complimentary patterns.

Blue upholstery and rug
from kellydesigns

In the bathroom

A half bath is a perfect place to be adventurous with dramatic wallpaper. For my Fairfield Lakeside client, this fun wallpaper made this space go from bland to WOW!

On the other end of the spectrum, painting walls a pale blue will give your space that soft and pretty, peaceful vibe. We paired pale blue walls with these white vanities to give my Redding client a Master Bath with a spa-like ambiance.

blue bathrooms
from kellydesigns

Accent pieces and accessories

Here are examples of just how versatile blue is and how easy it is to bring this color into your space with style.

In my Vermont project, we not only gave new life to the built-in bookshelves by painting them dark blue, but it also added an exciting and interesting element to the room. This is also a perfect example of how you don't have to live by the coast to use blue. Painting the bookcases a dark moody blue really gives emphasis to all the other details of this room.

These blue and white lamps brought a modern touch to this Greenfield Hill Family Room and look great against the white shiplap wall.

Lastly, we really dressed up this minimalist Fairfield Entry by installing a classic console table of simple lines in blue and a fun mirror with a blue and white herringbone pattern.

Blue Accessories
from kellydesigns

By now you can see the various ways you can add blue and white to your home and just how many different looks you can achieve. So whatever your decor style, this classic color combination can work for you. For ongoing inspiration make sure you are following me on Facebook and Instagram.

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