How to switch your decor from summer to fall

Warm it UpWarm it up…
You can take the cool whites and light colors and exchange them for warmer shades. Trade in the cotton and linen for textures of wool and velvet. Add a nice glass of red wine and cozy up to the fireplace.

Add Some LayersAdd Some Layers
Fall’s crisp weather calls for layering up your wardrobe – put the same idea to work in your home and toss cozy wool, cotton, chenille or even luxurious cashmere throws over furniture in rooms where your family or guests gather.

Add Fresh FlowersAdd Fresh Flowers
Nothing brightens up your home for the season like vases filled with fall flowers. Sunflowers and alstromeria are great choices because they’ll remain beautiful for up to a week. or longer. Trader Joe’s has bunches that will do the job. The trick to keeping blooms fresh is to remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days. Or a tall vase filled with scarlet maple branches can create a show-stopping fall arrangement.