Choosing the Just Right Color for Your Home

Choosing the right colors for your home

First I would recommend looking at your Pinterest boards or Houzz ideabooks to see if certain colors keep popping up in almost every photo. Usually you can start to pull together the colors you gravitate towards when you look at the photos you have saved. You can use an inspiration photo to model your project after or use something like a piece of art, fabric or rug as a place to begin to draw inspiration for colors that you might like to use.

  • If you’re not feeling entirely color confident on the first try, don’t give up! Try these tricks:
  • Select and use only one color from your inspiration piece on the walls. Pick a second color for major accents.
  • Figure out three groups of color in your object- light/safe, medium/adventurous, and intense/daring. Now figure out what kind of environment you want- safe, adventurous, or daring? Well, there you go,give that old roller a whirl and see where the magic of color can lead you.
  • If you’ve got a curtain fabric or carpet that you’re starting with, look for the least pronounced color in it and use it on the walls. If there’s lavender in the background,for example, or a coral color in a small detail, pull it out and put it front and center using paint. This trick always leads me to a surprising balance and gets people asking about the inspiration for an interesting palette.

Choosing Colors…how to get ideas
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