Color YOUR World. Great Paint Colors For Your Home.

Thinking about redecorating a room or your entire home? Here are some tips from kellydesigns about choosing the right colors for your home.

Color Considerations

The colors in a room can have a huge impact on how a person feels. Before you rush to the paint store, take the time to consider who is going to use the room, how is it going to be used, and the mood you wish to create. Since the light the room receives naturally from the sun can effect how a paint color looks in your home, you should also consider the direction the room faces.

For most rooms, you will want to select three colors . One will be the dominant color - used in 60% of the room. Another will be the secondary color - used in 30% of the room. The last one is your accent color - used in 10% 0f your room.

Since 60% of a room's color typically comes from the walls, choosing the right paint color is extremely important. The remaining color comes from upholstery, 30%, and from accent pieces, 10%, such as accessories, art, pillow, rugs and window treatments.

Interior Paint Colors for Timeless Tradition

If you seem to gravitate to neutrals like sand or rocks along a coastline or perhaps the classic marble or granite in a monument of gray, beige or ivory; notice that these all have permanence. They are all crisp and classic. If this appeals to you, you are most likely an even tempered and practical person. One who prefers classic, timeless shades to more trendy shades that you may tire of quickly. This is not boring by any means, this actually allows you to use more color in your accessories and furnishings and let your inner wild child out! Working with neutrals also allows you to work with dark and light tones and add plenty of texture in your furnishings and accessories.

Great Paint Colors in Neutral Shades:

Benjamin Moore Paint: Wheeling Neutral HC-92, Edgecomb Gray HC-173, Revere Pewter HC-172, Stoneware CSP-245, Skipping Stone CSP-155, Picket fence CSP-370.

Farrow and Ball Paint: Elephants Breath 229, Skimming Stone 241, Wimborne White 239.

elephant's breath


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skimming stone


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whimborne white


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Interior Paint Colors for Relaxation & Productivity

If you gravitate toward soft cool hues like those of the ocean, water, sky and fields of grass all these are considered tranquil and soothing and easy on the eye. If you are drawn to blues you probably view your home as a safe, calm oasis.
Blue is the classic relaxing color, it actually causes our brains to produce calming chemicals. Green, in muted tones has the same effect. Studies also show that people are more productive when preforming tasks in rooms of these hues.

Great Paint Colors in shades of blue and green

Benjamin Moore Paint- Wythe Blue HC-143, Buxton Blue HC-149, Palladian Blue Hc-144, Buckland Blue HC-151, Picnic Basket CSP-730, Rushing River 1574, Sheer Bliss CSP-545?

Farrow and Ball Paint: Lamp Room Gray 88, Blue Gray 91, Borrowed Light 235.

lamp room gray


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blue gray


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borrowed light


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How Light Effects Color

Color varies according to light and depending on which direction your room is facing, colors can appear quite different. When selecting paint colors try them on different walls to see how the light plays with them. Layer more than one color in a room to create added interest. Adding deeper tones and hues can create visual interest without making the room feel contrived or busy. If you are looking to expand on light and space, use the lightest color on the biggest area. Contrast this with darker woodwork to make the walls look even lighter. Lastly, if you want a house to flow from room to room, choose paints that have the same weight of color within them.

Paint Color Tips From Farrow &

Paint Colors for Rooms Facing NORTH

Rooms that face north are the most difficult to decorate – especially if you are trying to create light and space. Sometimes it is better not to fight nature in a dark room – instead work with it, and use strong dark colors to create drama and intimacy. However, if you want to use lighter tones, try to avoid anything with a green or grey base in a north facing room. Opt for yellow based colors and creamy neutrals to bounce as much light around as possible like New White No.59 or White Tie No.2002 or Stoneware CSP-245.

new white


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white tie


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Paint Colors for Rooms Facing SOUTH

South facing rooms are a joy to decorate because the quality of light allows one to use both warm and cool colors. All colors will look good! In order to maximize the feeling of light it is best to– use pale tones for a light and airy space like Borrowed Light No.235 create a wonderful watery seaside feel while the red based neutrals such as Joa’s White No.226 and Dimity No.2008 and Wheeling Neutral HC-92 create a warmer and more sophisticated feel. In south facing rooms you can use a fairly bright white on the woodwork and ceilings to create a crisp and fresh look.

joa's white


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Paint Colors for Rooms Facing EAST

The light in east facing rooms can appear to be a little blue so it is best to work with this and choose greens or blues. To create as much light as possible but still retain some warmth, look at pale duck egg colors (try Pale Powder No.204 and Teresa's Green No.236) which will really come alive in the morning sunlight. Because the light will change so dramatically through the day it is often good to team these with a darker tone on woodwork or furniture so that the walls appear lighter in contrast. If you want to use a white, choose one with a green or blue base such as James White No.2010.

pale powder


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theresa's green


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james white


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Paint Colors for Rooms Facing West

Obviously white walls are natural light reflectors and will flatter any color of furnishing - this is particularly true in west facing rooms where white will enhance both natural and artificial light and give you a wonderful airy feeling (try Wimborne White No.239). Even the greyer neutrals such as Slipper Satin No.2004 should retain a feeling of light – although the color will change from morning to night – cooler earlier and warmer later. However evening and afternoon sun also works extremely well with reds, so it is worth considering a soft pink.

whimborne white


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slipper satin


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Putting It All Together. Need more advice?

Selecting the right colors for your home is not any easy task. Avoid costly mistakes and let Kelly at help. You don't need a big budget to get Kelly's expert advice. Contact her today to discuss your decorating and design needs. Let her develop a plan that will work with your financial means and outlook.