July Blog: Kitchen Love

Wish lists for kitchen remodels are always filled with compromises. Chances are you have to keep some budget considerations in mind. Choose your appliances well and get the best you can for your money. You also do not need to have every appliance out there. And keep in mind that every time you add an appliance, you lose cabinet space.
It’s no secret that cabinetry is expensive, so opt for less cabinets and instead rely on pantry for storage help. This will help both from a cost and aesthetic standpoint. The design of the cabinetry needs to be right. They don’t need to be expensive, but they need to be well-defined. For storage, consider the pantry for shelving foods, drinks, and all manner of kitchenware—including gadgets and small appliances.
[ultimate-photo source=”pinterest” uid=”kellydesigns22″ specific_board=”kitchen-love” display_link=”1″ link_style=”tiny” size=”554″ style=”slideshow” num=”20″ slideshow_style=”2″ fixed_height=”1″ align=”center” disable_link=”1″ ]Consider compromising on everything but the kitchen sink! Even on days when you exist only on takeout, this one decision is guaranteed to bring you either joy or despair—so you’ll want to pick the right basin. The bigger the sink the better! Sometimes having a smaller separate sink somewhere else in the kitchen helps when entertaining, but when you’re dealing with large pasta pots or a big platter, you’ll be grateful you chose the oversized deep sink.

Kitchen by kellydesigns

I like plenty of island work area—a big area that is not all chopped up. Surfaces like wood or stainless steel are less expensive options and durable for work stations as stone can get pricey. Pick a surface you’ll like to work with and think about how you’ll actually use it. Keep in mind that this is an area of the kitchen you’ll use often—often with big tools like mixers or blenders. Often a large island is most functional when it has two tiers, an area for work space and an area for eating/stools. A kitchen should effortlessly reflect how its homeowners live on a daily basis. Having an efficient workspace and additional storage is key no matter the room’s dimensions.

It all boils down to making your wish list and then dividing and conquering. Splurge on the things that will catch your eye first or that you’ll use every day. An expansive pantry, a lower-cost island, and high-quality sink will go a long way toward a luxurious kitchen; then trim costs on hardware and lighting. Shop cabinets and hardware as the prices can really vary. Work with a kitchen design professional as they will help guide you in the best placement. The triangle work area: range-refrigerator-sink is a place to start when thinking of the proper layout.

A well-organized kitchen doesn’t have to be big; it simply has to be big on efficiency. Combine that with an elegant design that elicits a hint of drama and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable kitchen.