Fall In Love With Fall

Halloween/Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Fall in Love with FallHappy October! It’s time to decorate for Halloween. Did you know that besides wandering to all the houses from the neighborhood for candy, there is another custom at every Halloween: each house must be decorated with scary decorations, so the spirits – which are supposed to walk free in this night – will be scared and won’t come in or near the house! While it is fun to be scary and frightening, it is also the perfect time of year for beautiful foliage, gourds and pumpkins. I have collected some of the better ideas I have found on in my travels both on foot and on the web to share with you.

A favorite decorating idea, use moss, fall foliage (faux or real) or hay and it adds the perfect pop of color which can be a base for the urn then add great Cinderella pumpkins or gourds on top! This brings fall into the home in such a sophisticated way!

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If you have potted plants on your deck or in your yard, once the flowers have faded, use your garden wire pieces or urns to create stunning pieces of architecture at your door. Imagine real pumpkins, a little hay or Spanish moss and a collection of silver. It will create a great centerpiece, just calming to the eye and so inspiring to ring in fall!

Similarly take a large glass vase, jar, or any terrarium like vessel, add moss, hay, leaves or rocks to create the bottom and then add small gourds and small green plants, feathers anything that will fit and complement the scape you are creating. If you have not yet stopped by Terrain, it is a must! The new store in Westport is nothing short of inspiring.

You can paint your pumpkins; you can paint them metallic, or in patterns, with words or letters, or like candy corn!

And finally, it’s not just faces that can be carved to create a “glowing” effect! You can carve letters to spell out something like Boo! Or something as simple as: Welcome Friends.

After Halloween take those gourds and pumpkins and carve them out add a plant or flowers like: chrysanthemums, helenium, sedum, wheat, asters, dahlias, hydrangeas, even roses. This will be a great display for the rest of fall into Thanksgiving.

Write up all things you are grateful for on pretty scrolls and set them at each place setting for the family to share. Perhaps decorate your table with photos of all those people you are grateful to have in your life. Whatever you do, do it with the colors inspired by nature and with Love.
Be thankful for your friends, family, and all your blessings and enjoy!