6 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Making changes to your decor, in the right way, feels inspiring and will give you a sense of joy. You don’t need to redo an entire room in order to give it new life. Here are 6 of my best tips, to refresh your home, that I share with my Fairfield and Westchester clients. All…

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3 Essential To-Dos for Orchid Care

1) Adding three ice cubes once per week is a simple way to ensure that your orchid gets the perfect amount of water for healthy growth.. 2) Orchids prefer their sunlight to be indirect. If you place it near a window with a sheer curtain, the curtain acts as a buffer, protecting your Orchid from sunburn. 3)…

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The Best Green Plants – Faux & Real

The Best Green Plants

As we wind down a beautiful summer and look forward to the colors of autumn, it’s pretty clear, that being around nature brings happiness into your life. They say that nature is the best medicine so, when you are indoors, why not take a piece of nature and make it part of your decor? That’s…

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How to make Mums last longer

Make sure your mum in a sunny area and keep the soil moist, but do not saturate. Giving your plants too much water will result in rotting stems and mushy, decaying blooms. Deadhead as needed by removing any dead or damaged flowers, leaves, and stems when necessary to keep your mum looking fresh and healthy.…

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Creating an Inspiring Front Porch

Holiday Decorating by kellydesigns

Before TV and A/C, homeowners spent a lot of time on their front porch. Today, the front porch has seen a revival and more people are using them as outdoor rooms not just for relaxing but dining and entertaining as well. A front porch does not have to be a big space nor does it…

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Fall In Love With Fall

Halloween/Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas Happy October! It’s time to decorate for Halloween. Did you know that besides wandering to all the houses from the neighborhood for candy, there is another custom at every Halloween: each house must be decorated with scary decorations, so the spirits – which are supposed to walk free in this night –…

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