Gorgeous Gardens

Your patio and garden is an extension of your home…
View your Patio and gardens as an extension of living space. After all we spend most of our time outdoors during the summer. Why not create a lovely garden and patio area to dine alfresco and enjoy a great evening with friends and family. In doing so you will need space for a table and chairs for dining, chairs for sitting around the fire pit, a place for the grill, possibly some open space for a dance floor or a bar area, outdoor lighting that offers different kinds of light, comfortable cushions, pretty gardens to surround you and of some course music!

For lighting you will want to include overhead lights which can be string lights or led lights on an umbrella, awning or pergola. Then you will want to include garden lights that light up walkways and plantings in the garden, and you can always use spot lights for high light or add outside lamps or lanterns.



Create seating areas for conversation and cocktails amidst the beautiful plantings and great masonry work. Set the ambiance for great night outdoors, make the most of it! We deserve it after such a long hard

Remember when planting your pots choose containers that will drain properly, use potting soil that has some nutrients and fertilizer in it to help the plants grow. When selecting what to plant keep this in mind: You need a Fill, a Spill and a Thrill! Look for something that can be the center attraction something tall or spikey for the thrill, then use something that spreads out like bacopa or lobelia or the fill, lastly choose something that spills like sweet potato vine, vinca, or wavy petunias that will go over the brim and spill out of the container. This recipe always makes for beautiful planters!

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What to do to get your house and outdoors ready for summer
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