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Here are some Quirky Tips published by kellydesigns, an interior design and decorating firm in Fairfield, Connecticut.

How to get a pen stain out of jeans

February 2, 2017

Covering the stain with a few spritzes of aerosol hair spray is the tried-and-true method! Get one with a high alcohol content (the first ingredient on the list) and treat the stain while it is still wet by dousing the spot. Let it dry and don’t touch it or else you will embed the stain…

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How to build a roaring fire.

December 27, 2016

from virtualcabin Arrange a row of the biggest logs on the grate in the hearth leaving an inch or two of space between each one. Stack slightly smaller logs on top, arranging them perpendicular to the first layer. For the next two layers add kindling (twigs & narrow logs) alternating so each row is perpendicular…

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How to remove muddy foot and paw prints

October 31, 2016

Autumn is also a typically wet and muddy season which means we can find muddy foot prints and paw prints inside our homes.  To clean tile and hardwood floors a steam mop will lift and remove dirt easily. But when it comes to rugs, it is best to leave the mud to dry before tackling. Once the…

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How to remove stains from your rug

October 18, 2016

It’s a good idea to always keep a bottle of Club soda in your pantry to use when there’s a spill. It will remove things like coffee, red wine, pet stains and more. Pour the club soda directly onto the area and let it soak into the rug. Keep blotting the area until the stain…

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Homemade Upholstery Shampoo

September 2, 2016

First, a word of caution: the recipe below is water based. Only use if your upholstery cleaning codes are W or WS. Also, always test on an inconspicuous spot first!  Ingredients 2 cups warm water Squirt of liquid dishwashing soap Instructions Add the water into a mixing bowl and then the soap. Use an electric mixer at medium speed…

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How to clean marble countertops

August 24, 2016

What You Need Warm water Gentle, non-abrasive dish soap Spray bottle Dish cloth or cleaning rag Soft absorbent towel Instructions Fill a spray bottle with warm water, about a TB of gentle, non-abrasive dish soap & shake. Don’t use a bottle that previously contained anything with acid or lemon juice. Spray the counter with the…

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How to clean your front porch windows

July 5, 2016

Try mixing 2 tablespoons of Dawn dishwashing liquid in a bucket of warm water, then use a squeegee to clean and a soft link-free towel to dry. This will get them sparkling clean.

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How to clean stainless steel appliances

June 6, 2016

To clean your stainless steel, rub in the direction of that grain. Do a preliminary clean of your appliance with vinegar: Spray your appliance liberally with vinegar. Using either a paper towel or a very soft cloth wipe the vinegar off in the direction of the grain. From thekitchn.com

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How to remove furniture dents from your rug

May 8, 2016

Drop one ice cube into each dent. Let the ice cubes melt. As they melt, the nap of the carpet will begin to fluff back up, reducing (and eventually removing) the dent. Check the results the next morning. If necessary, blot up excess water with white paper towel or colorfast cloth. If the nap hasn’t recovered completely, use a…

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