Create a unique Thanksgiving tablescape

Create a Unique Thanksgiving Tablescape

1. Use Pretty Plates and Layer Them

Find fun plates in traditional thanksgiving colors or not.

2. Mix and Match
You don’t need to match everything. If you don’t have enough matching plates, mix them up.

3. Make Your Own Chargers
If you don’t own any charger plates, make some of your own. One idea is to place some old book pages underneath your dinner plates in a fan shape to add texture. To add more texture, use some small grapevine wreaths underneath your plates.

4. Add a little Sparkle to your Thanksgiving tablescape
For a little sparkle, use gold or amber-colored goblets and gold flatware. They bring warmth and shine to any table.

5. Use Mini Chalkboards
Write menu items or guests’ names on them. You can make these by cutting shapes from cardboard and painting them with chalk paint.

6. Unique Details
Add unique details like soft velvet pumpkins, DIY items and favorite flea market finds.

Source: karen’s cottage