Keep your pets safe and happy this Halloween

Understandably, many pet owners love to dress up their four-legged friends for the holiday…. because they just look way too irresistibly adorable!

If you do plan on having your dog wear a costume, be sure to try on your four-legged friend’s costume before the big night. If they don’t seem comfortable, then it is probably best to just stick with a cute bandana. Costumes that are too tight or constrict movement can result in anxiety.

Avoid costumes with dangling pieces, as they can be easily chewed off and pose a possible choking hazard.

Make sure that all goodies are out of reach. With all the candy being handed out and carried around, Halloween proves to be a night when your pooch is most likely to sneak a snack of one of the most harmful foods: chocolate.

If you have a high-anxiety pet, it’s probably best to keep them in a quiet room for the night. With all the comings and goings of giddy kiddies running around the neighborhood, your furry friend could get easily spooked. Make sure that your pooch has their proper identification, just in case they decide to bolt out of the front door to escape the chaos!

If you do decide to take your pet out with you, try to do so before it gets dark. It is much easier to spot candy on the sidewalk as well as decorations that they possibly may want to taste test! Some things to look out for are string lights, fake blood and glow sticks (which are potentially poisonous), and fake eyeballs and cobwebs which could pose a choking risk.

source: dan’s pet care