Artificial Plants

3 ways to clean your artificial plants

Regular cleaning and dusting once a week is highly recommended to avoid dirt forming a layer that becomes hard to remove. Always start at the top and work your way to the bottom so that the dirt does not fall on the parts you’ve cleaned before.

Option 1) Dust with a Soft-Bristle Paintbrush

Paint brushes are ideal for this task as they are gentler than feather dusters and make it easy to clean nooks and corners without damaging delicate foliage.

Option 2) Blow Compressed Air

Use a hair dryer set to cool and blow the dust off. This is easier than the paint brush method but you must be able to move the plant outdoors to avoid blowing dust all over your house.

(Option 3) Wipe with a Damp Cloth

Do this if your plant has a stubborn layer of dirt on it or has marks or stains. Make sure to only use water as chemical cleaners may cause the leaves to fade. Once done, use a kitchen towel to dry the foliage. This is also the way to clean the pot.

source: pottery barn & commercial silk