5 Kitchen Trends to look for in 2020

5 Kitchen Trends to look for in 2020

Kitchens are truly the hearth of our home and with open floor plans here to stay, why not have one that makes you happy. Whether your thinking of a whole Kitchen redo or making some individual updates, I think you'll find these 2020 trends will get your creative juices flowing.

These are ideas that I share with my Fairfield and Westchester clients and now my E-
Design clients all over the country.

Creative range hoods

Exhaust hoods have grown from being purely functional to a grand focal point. Either does the job but if you have the budget and space a show stopping hood is the way to go. You can have one custom made or thanks to growing demand, find a beautiful hood that is pre-built. The shiplap hood shown in this kitchen was a custom hood and we added a wood finish on the bottom to warm up the white.

Creative range hoods
from decorpad

In terms of design style, your range hood can match the stove itself or it can match the cabinetry. You can also take the opposite approach and get a hood that makes it's own statement such as the copper one below.

Range Hoods from ebay
from eBay

Standout Sinks

Adding one luxurious item to any design is a clever way to make your whole look more upscale. In the Kitchen a specialty sink is a great way to accomplish that in a most unexpected way.

A sink made of atypical material is a real standout. There are so many options to choose from (that you would not even imagine) including glass, wood and bamboo. I do recommend, however, choosing something more durable like stone, a solid surface (like quartzite) or concrete. I’m also seeing metals other than steel in a gold tone and copper. For a seamless look, opt for an integrated sink made of the same material as your countertop.

Standout Sinks

For increased functionality, consider a ledge sink that literally turns your sink into a workstation. Accessories include cutting boards, colanders, drying racks and I’ve even seen a bamboo board with 4 built in serving bowls. Who knows what they will think of next!

Standout Sinks
from create good sinks

Handleless Cabinets

Cabinets without handles are modern and sleek. While they are contemporary by nature, these cabinets are compatible with a variety of design styles as they blend in and look almost like a wall. They are a great choice for small spaces and those seeking a minimalist look. Handleless cabinets with a wood grain work well with a transitional design style and mid century modern style.

Handleless Cabinets
from kitchen compar

Once you choose handleless cabinets you'll have to decide how you want them to open. Some have a special grip that acts like a handle while others have a touch and open magnetic mechanism. If you go with the latter it's important to choose a cabinet material that will not show fingerprints.

Handleless Cabinets
from centsational style

Specialty Cabinet Organizers

I’ve spent more time in my Kitchen than ever before (and I love to cook). It makes you think how your space functions which certainly changes over time as our families grow and as technology advances. Popping up are a whole bunch of cabinet organizers to make your life easier.

Specialty Cabinet Organizers
from diamond cabinets

I would definitely look into specialty cabinet organizers when designing a new Kitchen. If you want this functionality for an existing Kitchen, you are not left out. There are add-on options as well. These range from built-in pet stations, to covered message centers, to built-in charging stations that will remove clutter from your countertop.

Specialty Cabinet Organizers
from build

Colors that pop

Adding a pop of color to your Kitchen is a fun way to add drama to an otherwise understated space. One of the easiest ways to do that is to purchase an appliance in a standout color. There are many options and styles to choose from in both vintage and contemporary styles.

from country living

Colorful islands and cabinetry are growing in popularity. Black and darker shades of grey create a striking look in an all white Kitchen as does blue for a coastal vibe. If you have an open Kitchen be sure to match your pop of color to the elements in the adjoining rooms.

Colors that po
from decoist

I hope you found this helpful and remember ALL of these elements can be incorporated into a new design or added to an existing space. It can be tricky, however, to keep your aesthetic consistent and on point, so feel free to reach out to kellydesigns anytime for more info or to set up a consultation.

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