When Deciding on Furniture…

…I like to combine elements in a room. I especially like an eclectic mix of old and new, things that are cherished and that are from your life’s experiences. A room is much more interesting when it is finished with different styles. This is what adds the depth, character and personality to the room.

I always advise my clients to buy pieces that are classic and will hold up over time, and to go for the best quality they can afford. Great Room by kellydesignsA piece of furniture is an investment, especially pieces like a sofa, dining room table or master bedroom furniture. These are items that you will most likely have over a long period of time. Choosing something that is classic and less trendy will make that piece transcend time.You can always add your flare in the accessories; chairs, pillows, art, lighting, throws and artifacts. I usually advise clients to use neutral colors for the base, so that changing out accessories is easy and your room can always be updated.

The construction of a piece of furniture is key, details like hand tied springs and solid wood frames tell you that piece is not straight off an assembly line. It is the attention to detail in a handmade piece that makes it stand up over time and allows it to become a versatile piece.

Choosing cushions and pillows is a bit more subjective. I usually like a combination of down and foam. The combination is bit more firm than just down alone, but it will hold up better over time. Just down, although soft and cushy, becomes worn looking and lumpy over time. In decorative pillows I like to use down, as these can be fluffed up more readily and keep their shape. Foam pillows tend to become flat over time. It is key to know how your furniture feels when you sit in it, the height and pitch of a sofa are really important. Some people have longer legs, some people prefer to really sink into a sofa, and some would rather more back support. Many companies offer different cushions, a wide selection of fabrics and different finishes. I always advise that my clients bring the samples home and look at them in their room,“live”with them for awhile.

I often suggest that a client measure out the space of the new piece with painters tape or I can make them a template to place on the floor. This way they visualize how much space it takes up in the room. It is also important to check the doorways and stairways in your home or apartment to make sure that the piece will be able to fit through. You want to make sure that the pieces you select will not overwhelm the room or block any entrances. You also want to make sure that the layout allows for the maximum flow in the room.

When selecting a rug I usually advise clients to have it touch and anchor the major furniture pieces in the room. This way the rug does not look like it is floating or too small for the space. When placing furniture it is also important to think of the function in the room. Form should always follow function! Pieces that are multifunctional are great, like an ottoman with trays that can be a coffee table and /or storage for extra throws and pillows.

Lastly, it is the accessories and window treatments that will complete the room and give it the layers and warmth desired for a finished look. These are the items that can truly reflect your personality and give your room/home some flare! Accessories are easy to change; therefore this is where the use of color can be playful and trendy.