Pet friendly sofas that look great too!!!

Pet Friendly Sofas Without Compromising Style

You love your pet and you want a nice home too.  I get it…..Here’s my best friend Lulu. 🙂 Let’s face it though, even the most well-trained pets shed, have occasional accidents and can be rough on your furniture. Not to mention the fact that they drag dirt in from the outside. So I thought I…

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Renewed, Refreshed and Lovely on Linley

Renewed, Refreshed and Lovely on Linley - Family Room - Interior Design by kellydesings

This young family came to me looking to renovate their family room, add a mudroom, and renovate their kitchen.The family room needed to feel grown up, but still be comfortable and kid/pet-friendly. We used fabrics that were durable to help protect the pieces. They preferred clean lines and an uncluttered look. In the kitchen, we…

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Historic Home Gets Hip

Historic Home Gets Hip -Entry - Interior Design by kellydesigns

Modern meets Historic … dynamic changes in old home. This young family wanted to update their historic home and add their sense of style and modernism to the decor. They needed to keep warm, kid and pet friendly yet have it show their style and love of art. Let’s Get Your Project Started Contact us…

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