Stylish & Functional Mudrooms Designed for Today’s Lifestyle

Mudrooms are a valued feature in a home because their sole reason to exist is simply for your convenience. I don’t know about you, but anything that makes my life easier is certainly welcome in my home.

Everyone’s mudroom is unique in size & design. You can configure your mudroom to whatever space you have and most importantly, tailor it according to your needs and wants.

Finding the right balance between function and style can be quite tricky, though. It’s not easy to keep a highly used area looking visually pleasing, too.

This month, I’m sharing the design ideas and features that I am adding to mudrooms in the homes of my Fairfield and Westchester clients.

Maximize space

Built-ins are hands down the best way to make the most efficient use of your space and for a clean look. Lockers provide the necessary structure to keep your mudroom organized.

From kellydesigns


Dual Purpose Furniture

Another way to maximize space is to make your pieces serve more than one function. This bench offers shoe storage too, with a handy boot drop hinged compartment

From Ana White

If you don’t have the budget for built-ins, you can add stand-alone furniture pieces that are dual-purpose, too.

From Home Depot

Design Tips For HIgh Style

A highly styled mudroom will direct your eye to a pretty feature as opposed to a possible mess. Here are some ways you can add visual interest to your mudroom.

Add fun wallpaper.

From real simple

Add an interesting tile. This beautiful mosaic tile looks gorgeous!

From tile club

Add color. This Hale Navy cabinet with a yellow door is so bright and happy!

From Laura Polen/ old house

For Pets

For active pups, consider a doggy wash station. No more muddy prints throughout the house!

From created home

Keep your kitchen neat by moving the dog’s feeding station into the mudroom.

From farmhouse living

Dog crates and beds can take up a lot of space in your home. If you have room in the mudroom, create a sleeping area for your pup with a built-in crate.

From homes and gardens

For Smaller Spaces or No Designated Mudroom

Make your mudroom a combination space serving multiple purposes.

In this space, we took an old closet that was in the garage and turned it into a laundry /mudroom area. Not only was it super functional, but pretty too!

From kellydesigns

When you don’t have a designated mudroom space, you still have options.

Turn an empty or decorative space in your home into something functional. Why not a bench instead of an entry table and mirror?

From white sands/my domaine

Convert a cabinet by adding appropriate shelving.

From pinterest

You can also get creative with your mudroom depending upon its location in your home, what your special needs may be, and the amount of space you have. For instance, if your mudroom is off your Kitchen you could add a sink to help the overflow of dirty dishes & pots, which is especially helpful when entertaining.

At the end of the day, when you have a highly functional mudroom, it becomes a highly appreciated place in your home. Designed smartly, it will support your lifestyle and help keep your home neat.