5 Ways to Extend Patio Season

Summer vacation may be ending, and the weather will be cooling off, but that doesn’t mean you need to move inside.  In fact, the best weather may be in front of us, so this month, I’m sharing five ways that you can extend your porch and patio season.

Stay warm

Make your space as comfortable as an outdoor cafe in Paris in the winter.  Heaters make an otherwise unusable patio so enjoyable.  Depending on the size of your outdoor space, get a freestanding unit or one built-in (with the help of an electrician).  This small investment will extend your outdoor lifestyle well into the fall and early winter months.

from Wayfair

Light up the night

As it progressively gets darker earlier each day, make sure you have adequate lighting.  Add strings of party lights and lanterns to give a glow!  Under covered areas, strategically place pretty chandeliers and plug-in lamps.

from hydromaine/calimia home

A small but mighty investment is a couple of rechargeable lamps.  They are lightweight & portable, so you can move them around and add a sophisticated touch to the atmosphere.

From lumens

A Fire pit for everyone

You no longer have to miss out if you don’t have the setup for a Fireplace or Fire pit.  Simply purchase a self-contained unit.  The first option is a Fire pit table with the pit built right in.  These come in two varieties: gas or earth-friendly propane.

from backyard fun

Consider a unit like a SOLO stove if wood-burning fires are your thing.  The look is modern, and it’s portable too.

from new england on the fly

Cuddle up

There’s nothing like the beginning of sweater season when you don’t feel cold but rather cozy and warm.  Why not extend that feeling into your decor by adding some soft throws?  It’s a finishing touch that looks great and is functional too.

From hgtv

Keep it pretty

The prettier your outdoor space, the more inviting it will be for you and your guests.  Don’t put your planters away as autumn approaches.  Instead, why not swap out your impatiens and petunias for plants that will thrive in the cooler weather, such as ornamental cabbages, grasses, and colorful mums?

From kellydesigns

Hopefully, you’ll get to use your patio and porch longer this year by implementing one or more of these ideas.  After all, spending time outdoors is good for your peace of mind; we can certainly use more of that right now.

from hgtv