Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Time means spring cleaning! This is the time of year we are all cleaning and rearranging. Time to get rid of the clutter, remember the old adage: LESS IS MORE!

  •  Frame DislayIt is a great time to take a look at some of the collections you may have grown over the years. In order to showcase your precious items and really show them off, group them by a common thread, e.g., type of artifact, color, size, shape, etc.
  • Limit yourself to display only a few of these items at a time. Make clusters of three or keep the display to odd numbers, this will be more appealing to the eye. If you limit the number of items, you can switch them throughout the year. This way it will always feel fresh and new!
  • Try putting these groupings in a new place in your home. Bookshelves always look more interesting when there are few artifacts dispersed on the shelves. This can be a great place to display a collection or grouping of your favorite pieces. Allow yourself to be a little creative when arranging the books and artifacts by placing them in varying ways.
  • When accessorizing a room for today’s more casual lifestyle, do not place “twins” of items to create a balance. Simply try to use the “visual weight” of an object or color to help balance pieces.
  • Try using some of those pretty vases and bowls you have in the hutch to display some of the smaller collections. A vase or bowl filled with sea shells, pretty rocks, sand or marbles is a great way to show off these smaller items.
  • Lastly, open the drapes, lift up the shades a bit, clean the windows inside and out and let the sunshine in!