What to do when redecorating your space

One of the first steps in redecorating a room is to curate ideas of what you would like the aesthetic to be in each room. It’s nice to flip through magazine pages being inspired and noting all the beautiful furniture, fabrics, rugs and accessories that go with a particular room design. This can also be done on Pinterest and Houzz which makes the process so easy!

Measuring FurniturePlanning ahead is the most important part of gathering items for a newly redecorated space. One way to make sure furniture will fit is to measure out your room. Measuring is crucial and not only for the interior of the room, but also measuring the size of doorways that the furniture needs to fit through. All stairs, doorways,entry ways,ceiling heights need to be measured before ordering any furniture.

Creating a simple floor plan by drawing out the room and measuring all wall spaces, windows, fireplaces, heating elements and door openings will provide a map for furniture and sizes to purchase. Some of the furniture store websites even have a room planner on their sites to facilitate this process. or you can draw it on graph paper using a 1/4″ scale.

Planning your redecorating project ahead of time will eliminate any after-purchase headaches!!

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