Recreating the Magic

Recreating the MagicNot sure if you are feeling the same way…but I feel like I am living in a snow globe!

If you are feeling the same way, it might mean it’s time to break out of the winter blues and refresh your living space, redefine your style, and relove where you live!

Why not treat yourself for Valentine’s day?? And RE-LOVE your home?.. sometimes all it takes are few fresh accessories … a new paint color… or perhaps reupholstery of an existing piece or a brand new sofa … new lighting can change the way everything looks…or simply add or refresh window treatments…whatever the change sometimes it’s needed to make everything feel and look fresh and good again.

In the photo to the left the sofa was in good condition but we had just renovated the first floor of the house and the red floral pattern no longer worked with what we had done throughout the rest of the home. My client and I decided to slipcover the sofa to give it a new look and work with flow of the rest of the home. We added some decorative pillows, added a contrast trim on the bottom and voila-a brand new look! It’s easier than you think and less costly than you think too!