Holiday Decorating With Greenery: Up Your Game

As I look forward to a fun Halloween, I’m also starting to plan how I am going to decorate for the upcoming holidays. Holiday decorating has certainly evolved over the years from lights, greenery, ornaments and simple menorahs to artful and sometimes quite sophisticated arrangements.

Looking at beautiful holiday decorations is so pleasant. However, it can be daunting when you want to pull something new (and perhaps a little more extensive) together in your own home. Where do I start? How can I be sure it’s going to look great?

Let me alleviate your concerns. You can have a beautiful home this holiday, and it’s easy to do. This month, I’m sharing easy ways to up your game. These are the same techniques I use when holiday decorating for my Fairfield and Westchester clients.

Just use some of these easy-to-implement ideas for festive and appealing holiday decor this 2022 season.

Greenery goes a long way towards making your home feel festive.
Let your creativity start flowing here. Mix different types of greenery in your wreath, garland, tablescape, or tree.

from les flyers andover

Faux greens look great in holiday decor and are easy to maintain. If you don’t want to miss out on that fresh smell of cedar, add some live greens into the mix.

from deeply southern home

Greenery adds texture and interest to a space. The added benefit of decorating with trees and plants is that you are bringing in the outdoors. Who doesn’t love that anytime of year, but especially in the winter when we don’t get outside that much.

from kellydesigns

We love to mix pine, eucalyptus and cedar together. This is a plentiful and multidimensional look that is both earthy and luxurious at the same time.

from pottery barn

Once your preferred mix of greens has been prepared, it’s time to start layering on different elements. Add lights, ornaments, pictures, beads, something shiny, etc. You can also add more things from nature like pine cones and berries by simply fastening them on with wire.

from kellydesigns

For a whimsical look, don't forget bows and ribbons of different widths. More color and texture will only add to your arrangement.

friom kellydesigns

When creating a Holiday tablescape incorporate all the elements you’ve used into your design. You can add smaller objects such as berries and take clippings from your own trees and flower arrangements.

from BFloral

I hope this inspires you to get creative this holiday season and have fun decorating your home. It seems early, I know, but it’s never too early to start planning.

This year, I will be offering holiday decorating again. If you are arranging a party or an event, or just want help decorating your home, contact me anytime to schedule your appointment. Until then, Happy Halloween!!!