Interior Design Trends for 2023

Interior Design Trends For 2023

As we approach 2023, it’s that time again to look at notable trends. Here are seven interior design elements that we’re seeing and loving and incorporating into the designs for my Fairfield and Westchester clients.


Furnishings, fabrics, and decor with texture add dimension and interest to a room. A few options are beautifully woven chairs, rattan furniture pieces, and couches covered in cozy boucle fabric.

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Architectural details, furniture, and decor with curves is a design element that has been increasing in popularity and is now a notable trend for 2023. Curves help to soften up a space and feel cozy, especially so, in a modern room with straight lines and 90-degree angles.

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Bold Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper is an easy way to personalize your space. Fun, bold patterns make a big statement and will totally transform your room. Think of small spaces like powder rooms and feature walls.

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Today’s brass is muted, warm, and popping up everywhere in home design. Make a statement with a big brass mirror or a light fixture. You can also treat it as a pop of color with smaller design elements like knobs and drawer pulls. 

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Leather Straps

The use of leather straps is a great way to transform heavy upholstery into something light and airy. Woven leather adds texture and looks aesthetically appealing on chairs, benches, ottomans, and decor items.

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While arches are rising in popularity in everything from architecture to furniture to decor, they are ultimately timeless. Arches are a great way to frame a design feature and draw attention to something specific and pleasing in a room.

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Abstract Carpets

Abstract rugs make a bold statement and are a smart design choice for a space with mostly neutral decor.

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I’ve been incorporating some of these trends into my designs for some time now, while others are new and refreshing. By definition, trends come and go, but the ones you love are the ones that have staying power. Consider incorporating some of them into your home.

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