How to Hang a Wreath from an Interior Window

  1. Adhesive hooks a.k.a. Command hooks. Make sure that you get a hook specifically labeled for windows and get the largest one possible. These hooks can typically only carry 4 pounds, so if your wreath is heavier than that, this method would not be a good option. Before you place your hook, clean the window with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any dirt or oils that may prevent the hook from properly adhering.
  2. Magnetic wreath hangers for single-pane windows. Hold one of the magnets against the glass and tape to the window with strong tape such as duct tape. Place the other magnet against the other side of the window. The magnets are very strong, so the two halves will attract each other through the glass. Remove the tape now. If the tape left some residue, wipe it off with some white vinegar or an adhesive remover (i.e.: Goo Gone). These magnets typically will hold up to 10 lbs, and they should have a protective coating, so as not to scratch the glass.
  3. Ribbon. A double sash window would be ideal, but a double-hung window may also work. Choose a 2 1⁄2-inch wide ribbon and cut 4 to 5 feet. Use a sturdy material such as outdoor ribbon (ideal), velvet, or grosgrain. Avoid delicate materials, such as sheer or lace. Coat the end of your ribbon with hot glue and place it against the back of your wreath. Make sure that the end of the ribbon is pointing towards the top/outer edge of the wreath, and that the rest of the ribbon is pointing towards the center. If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can use a U-shaped florist pin instead. Wrap the ribbon around the top of the wreath twice. Thread it through the middle and pull it up across the front and over the top. Do this step twice, stopping when you reach the top again. Secure the ribbon to the front with another drop of hot glue. Add a bow to the top or bottom of the wreath if desired. Open the window and push the wreath through. Adjust the length of the ribbon until the wreath is hanging where you want it to be. Push a thumbtack or pushpin through the ribbon and into the frame. If you have vinyl or metal window frames, tie a large knot into the ribbon instead.