How to clean ornaments

Holiday decorations become treasured family heirlooms, evoking memories. They can also become incredibly filthy after spending 11 months in storage. Ensure a happy holiday future with these tips for cleaning ornaments of every kind.

Glass & Porcelain Spray regular glass cleaner onto a soft cloth and wipe gently. 

Crystal    Don’t handle crystal decorations unless you wear gloves. Use a feather duster or a buffing jewelry cloth. 

Painted    Lightly dust each ornament with a feather duster. Try not to handle the ornaments, since the oils in your hands can damage the paint. If you need to touch the ornament, wear latex gloves.

Glittered   Try using a feather  duster on one area. If a lot of glitter comes off, it may be best to leave the decoration alone.

Resin & Wood   Just wipe a soft cotton cloth across the surface.

Precious Metal    Sterling silver and gold-plated ornaments come clean when wiped with a polishing jewelry cloth. 

 Source: Readers Digest