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Holiday Decorating That’s Simple & Fun

I know a lot of people start their holiday decorating as early as Thanksgiving weekend, so this month I thought I'd share some STYLING TIPS that I use to decorate the homes of my Fairfield and Westchester clients. These simple ideas are not expensive or time-consuming but when you are done it will certainly look that way.

Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, these designs are still for you. We're focusing on natural elements for you to embellish with accents in your color of choice for all holidays. Here I show you how to make a beautiful bow which you can add to any of your decorations. So when you're stuck inside, why not bring some seasonal beauty into your surroundings?

Let's start with the outdoors. A cheerful entry is a great way to welcome guests and put a smile on your face every time you come home.

There are so many beautiful wreaths you can purchase in a wide price range for every budget. A great local resource for a hand-crafted wreath (among other things) is The Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival. This year I am designing one of the rooms so come check it out. Another option is to keep it really simple and chic by taking a plain green wreath and topping it off with a bow made from burlap or beautiful ribbon.

Don't stop there... put some garland around the door and for a touch of bling add white lights. Let's face it, everything looks better with sparkling lights. You can add them to your wreath and planters too.

Speaking of planters - it's time to remove those old dead mums and fall plants but there's no need to store the containers away just yet. Plant a small evergreen (juniper and cypress bushes are good choices) and think thrill, fill, spill. Always have something for height, something for filler and something to hang over
the edge.

Some good options to achieve this look are birch logs, individual pine greens, boxwood, spruce, cedar, magnolia leaves, juniper,
winterberry and ornaments for color.

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You know those outdoor lanterns you use in the summer? You can fill them with pine cones, sparking lights or flameless candles and add them directly to the center of your planter. You can really get inventive with your planters so let your inner artist out (You know the one that's still there from when you were a child?) and have some FUN with it.

Indoors, it's easy to make your whole home feel cheerful with these simple tricks.

Find those silver and big glass bowls and vases in your cabinet (You know the ones you hardly use?) and fill them with boxwood balls for a refined and elegant look. If you want something really festive, try filling the bowl with ornaments, sprinkling some greenery throughout and adding small LED lights.

from Flora Decor
from Flora Decor

Green garland looks great on your bannister, hanging from the chandelier (An open variety with arms works best.) and of course over your fireplace mantle.


Do you do a tree in the same style with the same ornaments, year after year? Maybe switch it up and try something new. I love doing a monochromatic tree or one with the same color ornaments for high impact and that understated WOW factor.

Add bows, pine cones and lights to anything and everything. You really can't go wrong so let your creative juices flow. This is an opportunity to show off your personal style and bring that holiday cheer into your home in your own unique way


If you want help contact kellydesigns and we'll do it for you. Believe it or not, we've started booking our holiday calendar already so give us a call if you are interested. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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