Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Artwork

When it comes to selecting art for your spaces, clients often seek guidance on making the right choice. I believe there are five crucial components to consider when curating the ideal piece of art. Art serves as a means of expressing your personality and style, so let's delve into these considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Define Your Color Palette

Start by defining your color palette. This step lays the foundation for finding artwork that seamlessly integrates with your space. Your chosen colors will set the tone and create harmony within your environment.

Specify the Room and Mood

Next, identify the room where you intend to display the art. Consider the mood you wish to evoke in that space. Is it a tranquil bedroom, a lively dining room, or perhaps an office or foyer in need of a striking focal point? Defining the room's purpose and atmosphere will guide your art selection.

 from kellydesigns

from kellydesigns

Express Emotions

Think about the emotions you want your chosen art to convey. Art has the power to express feelings and emotions, so select pieces that resonate with your heart and soul. Whether you seek a sense of calm, excitement, tranquility, or intrigue, let your emotions guide your choices.

 from kellydesigns

from kellydesigns

Know Your Dimensions

Accurate measurements are crucial when selecting the right artwork. Find the perfect spot where your chosen piece will shine, and double-check the size to ensure it suits the space. As a helpful rule of thumb, consider the "⅔ rule" – art placed above furniture should be approximately two-thirds the size of the furniture below it.

 from kellydesigns

from kellydesigns

Create Cohesion:

Lastly, strive for unity in your art selection. Cohesion should extend not only to color palettes but also to themes, moods, sizes, and proportions. Ensure that all the pieces work together harmoniously to create an overall exquisite presentation.

I hope these insights inspire you to get creative in your art selection process and enjoy decorating your home. If you require assistance, I'm here to help, whether you're interested in original artwork or prints. Your choice of art is an expression of your personality, and it adds a unique touch to your home that reflects who you are.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am filled with gratitude for my family, friends, and all the wonderful clients who have enriched my life in countless ways. I wish you all a fantastic day spent with your loved ones.