What to consider when Choosing Furniture

The type of furniture you select has a big impact on the overall style and comfort of your home. So when I work with my Fairfield & Westchester County Interior Design clients I help them choose furniture that fulfills their desires in terms of design as well as meeting their criteria from a usability standpoint. Taking a little extra time in the planning process to carefully consider both form and function will result in a room that you’ll love living in for years to come.

Narrowing down a design style is a good first step. While you don’t have to choose furnishings that fall into only one category, this will give you a base upon which you can build. Here is an overview of the basic design styles.

Traditional is a classic design that includes historical pieces. It is elegant, formal and considered to be timeless.

Transitional is a modern interpretation of traditional style utilizing the bones of traditional and incorporating the stylish looks of modern design.

Modern is spacious and uncluttered with angular lines resulting in a cool and clean space.

Contemporary, like modern, is streamlined but has more softer and rounded lines, often incorporating the most current trends.

Eclectic is a mixture of styles, color, textures, patterns and fabrics. Old is incorporated with new, creating an individualistic style.

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When choosing a style for your home there are some basic factors to consider:

  1. Structure and location of the home
  2. The function and flow of the areas to be decorated
  3. Your personality

Consider the style of your building as well as your geography. Traditional & transitional decor suits a colonial home well. If you live in a more modern structure, contemporary or modern decor might be the perfect design style for you. If you live in a beach area you might consider decorating in a lighter more airy fashion with softer water colors.

Next, you should consider how the space is used as furniture plays a huge part in the way a space functions. If you plan to entertain guests often, depending on whether you are more casual or more formal would dictate that type of pieces that are placed.

The most important element in choosing a design style is your personality. If you are conservative, you will probably be most comfortable in a traditional or transitional setting. If you are trendy and fashionable, a modern contemporary look may best reflect your style. Building an environment that reflects who you are, will make you feel at home in your space. Your personality should always be woven into the design whether it is art collected, grandma’s table, or your favorite color, it should be woven through the design of the home. This keeps it interesting and keeps it unique to you.

To create a timeless space consider using neutral colors in small textured patterns for larger pieces of upholstery and adding some visual interest by bringing in a statement piece that makes a great impression. This could be a table, a piece of art, a chest or an upholstered item. Placing a stunning pattern on an armchair or pillow can give your room a polished and high-end look. The best designs have at least one bold pop of color balanced throughout the room or used as a stand-out accent.

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Each piece of furniture does not have to match, in fact its better if it does not. However in order to maintain visual appeal each piece should work well together. Investing in some high quality pieces will bring a certain elegance to your space. Before setting out to purchase furniture study images of rooms to see what you like. For design ideas check out my website www.kellydesignsofct.com my Pinterest board kelly designs of CT and my kellydesigns account on Houzz. The best thing you can do is take a little time upfront to find furniture that reflects your personality and needs to create a room that is not only comfortable but has lasting style.

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