Confined Yet Cozy

Confined Yet Cozy – ideas to make your nest it’s best

In these disquieting times, the place that we are going to find peace and comfort is within ourselves, the people with whom we share our space and our immediate surroundings. So, I thought I would offer some help to make your home a peaceful, warm sanctuary. Let's all make our nests more cozy, work-friendly and joyful.

Add Hygge

Hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH) is a very cool thing and originates from Denmark dubbed the world's happiest country. The key ingredients are togetherness, relaxation, indulgence, presence, and comfort which is so perfect for our present circumstances.

One of the easiest ways to add hygge is to add comfortable pillows and throws to your seating areas. Not only is this visually pleasing, it really comes in handy when watching countless hours of Netflix.

from kellydesigns
from kellydesigns

Keep your mind occupied in a positive productive way. Instead of getting annoyed by things that you don't like in your home, look at this as an opportunity to make your home more joyful overall. Paint a room, add an accent wall, add some new art or switch-out art or accessories, add new fixtures and move furniture around for a change and to maximize your natural light. Go online and purchase things with good return policies and take advantage of my budget-friendly E-Design services to help you make good decisions in the first go-around.

from kellydesigns
from kellydesigns

Working From Home

Take the time to make an effort to make your work space aesthetically pleasing because the benefits are immeasurable. Decorate your desk or table with plants, important photos and items that give you a good feeling. Add organization tools, like bins or baskets to keep any extra paper stored safely and make it easily retrievable.

If you don’t have a designated work area in your home, look for unusual spaces that you may not have considered before.

from kellydesigns
from kellydesigns

Create multiple work spaces and switch it up. Perhaps working in the Dining Room one day, your office the next and outside when the weather gets warmer. If you have a front porch, set up a place there so you can see people as they walk by your home.

outside office

Get Organized

Organizing gets us energized and is a way we can feel like we have more control over our environment. Think about a deep declutter where you purge anything not useful or meaningful. You’ll get a sense of accomplishment when you finish a project and it just feels good being in a clean crisp space and it will give you a better sense of being in control.

This is a perfect time to style your bookshelves. I can tell you that I have changed mine since being in quarantine, and I am loving them! It's the little things!

from kellydesigns
from kellydesigns

Whether it is your office, closet or kids play areas, looking for simple ways to make improvements and keeping them organized can really feel good. Besides we never seem to have the time for these why not now? Feel free to reach out to me anytime on Facebook or Instagram and if you think E-Design would be helpful to you now, remember, no project is too small. The E-Design program is a perfect way to get the help you need to make some changes-big or small to create more hygge, style and comfort in your homes and lives.

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