I used to have a glass coffee table but when my kids started to walk I got rid of it as I thought it was too dangerous. They are now 2 and 4, both boys and I know they will be very active as they grow. At the same time, I do feel the need to have a coffee table in the Family Room as the side table is just not enough. What can I do that will look nice yet also be practical? 

29. KS 11-15 Pillow talk ottoman  2015-11-08 11-47-52I can totally relate to your need of having a safe environment yet wanting a functional room. I suggest you get an upholstered coffee table in a complimentary and durable fabric. This option is very versatile in that you can leave it empty and use it as an ottoman or put a tray on it and place decorative objects in a nice arrangement. The best thing is that the tray is removable so you can change it up in accordance with your needs of the moment. If you need further assistance picking out a fabric, let me know as that is one of things i do for my clients.