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A Bathroom To Boast About

Updating your bathroom is one of the best projects you can undertake. Not only do you deserve to have a bathroom that you love, when it comes time to move, an updated bathroom will help sell your home quicker and for more money than other similar homes on the market. Keep in mind that you don't have to do a complete renovation to change the look. Often just a simple refresh will do. Here I've put together some ideas to help you update your bathroom with on-trend looks that I design for my clients here in Fairfield and Westchester County.

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Harder than ceramic, porcelain is a fashion-forward flooring choice for bathrooms. Porcelain is a denser, less porous and harder option offering more stain and water resistance than ceramic tile. The color and texture run all the way through making chips or scratches less noticeable. Plus, it's suitable for radiant heating to keep feet toasty on cool mornings.

Porcelain offers unmatched design versatility. Tiles can mimic natural stone varieties, such as granite and limestone. Newer designs draw inspiration from exotic locales and fashion runways with surfaces that evoke leather, fabric and even animal prints. One of the most popular choices is porcelain wood that comes in a variety of colors from dark browns to grey tones. For a realistic look go with wide plank and a textured surface.

While this can be a big job that requires removing the toilet and sometimes the vanity, the floor is a design aspect that can make or break the style of your bathroom. You will need to consider the size of the bathroom when choosing a flooring material. Generally speaking the larger the bathroom the larger you can go. But using a larger floor tile in a smaller space can make the floor plan appear larger!

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Tile for Walls
Subway tiles have been around for more than a century and are always in style. They are the perfect choice for the bathroom because they're durable, attractive and water resistant. The most popular subway tile colors are slate gray and shades of white and blue. For a modern look try subway tiles that are longer in length, have a marble like pattern or with a slight texture. Speaking of texture, three dimensional tiles come in a variety of patterns and will add a sophisticated modern touch to your bath.

Glazed tile is completely covered in a hard finish that is typically colored. While it is strong and dense, the glaze can get damaged with wear and tear making it best suited for the walls. Glazed tiles come in the widest range of colors and designs giving you an opportunity to personalize your bathroom with your own unique style.


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Update your Vanity
Vanities range in price from several hundred to thousands of dollars. Freestanding or floating versions are a trendy look requiring that the tile extend underneath. If you have a cabinet vanity and it's in good condition, consider painting it with a good quality paint for a new look. Swap out the knobs and handles for something more current and it will look like a whole new piece at an inexpensive cost.

Marble is a classic choice that never goes out of style. It is a softer substance that is porous and requires periodic sealing to avoid staining. Growing in popularity is quartz and quartzite because these surfaces are easy to maintain and have a clean crisp look. Quartzite comes in different shades and is a great option for someone who wants a marble-like appearance with the strength and durability of granite. Quartz is a composite material made from quartz chips and resin and is a flexible design choice offering more than a hundred colors and patterns.

Old fixtures date a bathroom quickly so swap them out for something more modern to add visual interest. Wth so may choices available, faucets are an easy switch. Oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are two trendy metals with universal appeal. Gold and brass tones are coming back to the bathroom scene and look great with marble. Also consider modern shower heads and dials to upgrade your shower space. While somewhat costly, one of the best investments you can make is a frameless shower enclosure.

Bathroom Fixtures
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A fresh coat of paint is one of the most inexpensive things you can do to update your space. For more drama add board and batten, tongue & groove planks or wallpaper. Consider tiling around the wall half way up or up to the ceiling behind your vanity for an on-trend and stylish look. Adding a great wallpaper can transform the bathroom for sure!

Light fixtures are no longer just for brightening up a room. They're installed with the purpose of being seen. This includes pieces that are bold, large and full of personality. Consider replacing older fixtures with sconces flanking the mirror. These days you have a wide range of styles to choose from. Lighting can range from glamorous chandeliers made of crystals, to clusters of hand-blown globes or drum pendants made of metal.

The bath may be the smallest room in your home but it should be pleasing and big on style because it's where you begin and end each day. As always you can call me anytime for design assistance whether it's a refresh or a complete remodel.

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