Which Bulbs Do I Need?

Choosing light bulbs can be tricky. Knowing the different types of bulbs, watts, lumens, and colors will help you make the correct choice.

The two most common are LED and INCANDESCENT.

  • LED
    LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient bulbs; they do not give off heat, contain no mercury, emit a bright light, and are long-lasting.
    Incandescent bulbs are the most commonly used bulbs and are the least expensive. They emit a warm light and can be used with dimmers. They do not last as long as others -usually about one year.

Watts refers to how much energy a bulb gives off. The higher the wattage, the more power it consumes and the more light it emits.

Lumens refers to the amount of brightness of the lightbulb. It is usually recommended that 20 lumens per square foot are used in most rooms.

Color bulbs are available in candlelight, warm white, neutral white, and daylight. The colors are measured in kelvins.

  • Candlelight is usually 1000k-2600k and offers a nice glow.
  • Warm white is pretty standard for most warm, inviting rooms such as living spaces, bedrooms, and dining areas.
  • Neutral Light is 3000-5000k cooler in color; these are best used in areas where tasks are performed, like offices, garages, and kitchens.
  • Daylight is 5000k+ and is really a bright clear light best used for security and task-oriented places.