What works. Mixing metals in your home.

One of the most popular questions I get asked as an Interior Designer, here in Fairfield, CT, is “What are the rules for mixing different metal finishes in a room?” So I’ll start by saying that there are no rules, just guidelines. Most importantly, you should do whatever makes you the happiest living in your home.

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In terms of trend, in the past, people did tend to have all the same finishes in each of their rooms and matching hardware on all their doors. Today, however, just as people mix silver and gold jewelry, its more than acceptable to mix metals in the home too. Mixing metals tastefully is fun and can make your home look current and chic.

Here are some tips and considerations when mixing and matching metallic finishes in your CT home.


chandelier from circa lighting

Iron is a neutral metal. It serves well as a base and it doesn’t clash with gold or silver. Look at the wall and/or main furniture color? Is it a warm or cool color? Think about whether you want to add more warmth or coolness. Add warmth by adding gold and brass tones. Add coolness by adding chrome, nickel or silver tones. If you like the way it looks having only one metal in your room you can do that and still add depth. For this just use different finishes of the same metal. Try mixing shiny and matte or mixing vintage with newer gold tones. Maybe an overall neutral look suits your fancy? If this is the case, consider adding contrasting metal as an accent tone. An example would be a particularly beautiful light fixture that stands out and makes a statement.

Kelly Designs of CT Staging Project in Fairfield Beach, FairfieldKelly Designs of CT Staging Project in Fairfield Beach, Fairfield

If your style is eclectic don’t limit yourself. You can mix metal finishes as you like to create an interesting look. Just make sure not to let one dominate. Instead they should all blend together. When mixing different metal pieces, depending on your home decor you may want to keep them to a similar style and/or separate them in the room. This way they will compliment each other vs. compete with one another.

Kitchens and bathrooms are a fun place to mix metals. Try adding some warmth to a stainless and white marble Kitchen with a row of gleaming copper pots or add gold / brass handles for a fresh new trendy look.

I hope these tips on how to mix metals, in your CT home, has helped you with your interior design. Remember there is no need to limit your metals to just nickel, stainless, gold and brass. There are so many wonderful options to choose from. Mixing metals, when done correctly, will make your space unique and make it feel like your special home.