Ways to Avoid Your Fiscal Cliff

I trust everyone had nice holidays and were able to be close with those they love. Nothing like good friends and family to remind us of what is important!

Beginning this New Year we are faced with the “fiscal cliff” and lots of uncertainties. Whether you are feeling the fiscal crunch or not, it is never too late to get smart about how you spend your money. In doing some research, I found great sites online like: Squawkfox, And then She Saved, The Simple Dollar, Mint.com, to name a few good places that can help you budget and be wise as to how you are spending your money.

Some other tips: Google for coupons before you shop (there are lots of coupons out there!) also go to sites like: Sweet Jack’s, Living Social, Groupon , and Retail Me Not for savings on places and businesses that you frequent.

With the fiscal crunch in mind I want to remind you that if you are thinking that you are tired of your house or the way it looks, we can do a redesign and work wonders with what you already have. Small changes can make a big difference. Sometimes a new layout, new paint, layering of different accessories, a few tweaks here and there and VOILA! You have a brand new look for very little money. It can often be done in one day! (Not including painting)

<Depending on the size of the room or rooms that you would like to redo the price can be as low as $400! We can also make recommendations for any additional items that you might need and even help you get them for less money!

The featured photos are from a redesign we did that had been in a spread in Real Simple Magazine. When we started in this room the room was white, there was 2 sofas and the armoire in the back that was pine and an eyesore! We painted the room a warm color as well the armoire and a country hutch that we turned into a bar. We found other furniture, a rug, lamps throughout the house and tweaked with a few new accessories and some ready made drapes. The homeowner was delighted and could not believe it was her house -let all alone almost all of her own things!

So, let’s start 2013 with new life, new hope and beauty all around us ~ all while being savvy with our money. Let’s relove where we live.

Call kellydesigns today to book an appt for a redesign! Refine. Refresh. Renew.