Transforming Spaces: A Journey through kellydesigns' Mid-Century Meets Modern Farmhouse Project

Transforming Spaces: A Journey through kellydesigns’ Mid-Century Meets Modern Farmhouse Project

In the pursuit of the American Dream, homeowners often seek spaces that reflect their personalities and provide a comfortable haven for their families. In a captivating episode of American Dream TV, viewers are taken on an inspiring journey through the world of interior design, led by the talented Kelly Sohigian, the founder and creative mind behind kellydesigns. Join us as we explore how Kelly transformed a century-old house into a captivating mid-century meets modern farmhouse, blending timeless aesthetics with modern functionality.

A Glimpse into kellydesigns

Host Shoshana Synder introduces viewers to Kelly Sohigian, an interior designer and owner of kellydesigns, whose passion for design is evident from the very beginning. Snyder commends the importance of a well-designed home, especially when presenting a property to potential buyers. Kelly's ability to breathe new life into outdated spaces with her unique vision is soon to be revealed.

The Mid-Century Meets Modern Farmhouse Project

As the camera pans to the transformation, viewers are treated to a stunning mid-century meets modern farmhouse. The 100-year-old house, once in need of rejuvenation, now stands as a testament to Kelly's expertise and creativity.

The Family Room: Comfort and Togetherness

Kelly begins the tour in the family room, the heart of any home. Here, she skillfully blended comfort and style, creating a space where the family can gather, relax, and entertain. The room's inviting atmosphere, coupled with a tasteful mix of mid-century and modern farmhouse elements, showcases Kelly's ability to strike the perfect balance.

The Dining Room: A Beautiful Connection

Moving into the dining room, Kelly reveals her dedication to creating a seamless connection with the family room. With the use of navy paint, white wainscoting, and elegant lighting fixtures, she crafted a cohesive space where family meals and gatherings can be enjoyed in style.

The Kitchen: The Heart of the Home

The kitchen, often considered the heart of any home, underwent a significant transformation. Kelly's team removed a wall to allow for more natural light, while also reconfiguring the layout for better functionality. Warmth and modernity coexist in the kitchen through beautiful handmade clay tiles, brass faucets, and black cabinetry hardware.

The Playroom: Joyful and Connected

In the playroom, Kelly masterfully incorporated a sense of youthful joy while maintaining a connection with the rest of the house. Serena and Lily wallpaper, combined with a bright white skirting, created a cheerful space where the children could play, while still being in close proximity to the kitchen and the rest of the family.

Embracing Vision and Transformation

Throughout the video, Kelly's passion for design and her remarkable attention to detail shine brightly. She demonstrates how a little vision and a lot of creativity can completely transform a house into a cherished home that reflects the family's unique character and lifestyle.

Kelly Sohigian's appearance on American Dream TV showcased her exceptional talent as an interior designer and the magic of her design studio, kellydesigns. With a keen eye for blending mid-century aesthetics with modern farmhouse charm, Kelly took a century-old house and turned it into a timeless yet contemporary living space for a loving family. Through her inspiring journey, she reminds us that a home is not merely a physical space, but a reflection of the dreams and aspirations of those who dwell within its walls.