To Paper or not to paper? That is the question…

Faux painting move over. Wallpaper is making a comeback in a big way. But today’s wallpaper is different from what your mom grew up with in her house. Instead of mostly flowery patterns that were often looked like foil paper and extremely bold, today’s wallpaper is sophisticated in design and compliments a rooms décor. Used correctly, wallpaper can be the finishing touch that makes a room feel well put together.


Wallpaper dates back to the 13th century and originally had images of religious icons. Its primary purpose was to bring cheer to the homes of the poor until the 16th century when the middle class used wallpaper that replicated designs found on tapestries of the nobles. This was the birth wallpaper as we know it today with two-dimensional symmetrical patterns that it repeat itself frequently.

The past few years, wallpaper has grown in popularity. Modern wallpaper can have bold colorful imagery that is also sophisticated and demure patterns for a timeless look. Wallpaper with a more muted and current design can give any room with modest finishings an instant upgrade.

One of my favorite sources of wallpaper is Philip Jeffries for its wide selection of textured coverings that give any room interest and depth. I also like to create accent walls with subtle and classic patterns that help bring focus to a wall’s architectural details. My other go-to manufacturers are ABA, Thibaut and Farrow and Ball.


Any type of grasscloth can be used in powder room, but not in any areas that get too much moisture. There are vinyl alternatives that look just great for full bathrooms. That said, if you fall in love with any paper that you want to use in a full bath that is not vinyl simply add a clear coat varnish over the paper to protect it from the moisture and wear and tear.

wallcoveringTruthfully, any kind of wallcovering can be a great way to change it up and add a little interest in your home decor. This entry parlor looks great and fresh with this soft blue paper and large scale print.

Metallic GrassclothWe added a navy and silver metallic grasscloth to accent this wall in this clients’ dining room. As they are natural fibers you will see some “strands” and variations and unless its a seamless version there will be seams, but that all adds to the beauty of this sensational wallcovering.

Geometric patterns like these below can really make a non-interesting room a wow factor! Best used in smaller doses like powder rooms, entry ways, or accent walls. Need help selecting a wallpaper for your home? Call me, I would be happy to help you find a wallpaper suitable for your home.