The Real Deal: What You Need to Know to Stage Your Home for a Swift Sale

Home Staging by kellydesignsSo want to know the secret of how to sell your home swiftly and for top of your range?

Its all about staging your home for sale. Would you go on a job interview dressed poorly and your hair not done? So why would you put your home on the market when it is not in its best shape?

Staging has become one of the most common marketing tools used by sellers and realtors to increase the speed of the home sale as well as selling it at top market value. There are tons of articles and information out there on how to de-clutter, de-personalize, neutralize, clean and paint to stage your home. But there is one key part that these articles do not tell you about, the showcasing of the home. The total package, the certain something your house brings to the table.
Home Staging by kellydesigns

Every property has unique features which need to be highlighted and showcased to capture the attention of today’s discerning buyers. We live in a visual world, so we need to present the home in its best visual way. A great staging, besides highlighting the desired features of your property, will connect with target buyers on an emotional level. The home should present to the perspective buyers with a lifestyle they are dreaming of and can connect with emotionally. This emotional connection is made before they even come to see the property. They must like what they see in the photos, the photos must really resonate and highlight the important features of the home. The next step is the curb appeal, if they do not connect emotionally upon arrival chances are they won’t even come in!

Home Staging by kellydesignsSince every detail counts, the showcasing involves a lot of fluff stuff like; replacing decor, artwork, lighting, and furniture in careful strategic ways , always keeping the target buyer in mind.

Did you know professionally staged homes sell on average 73% faster than unstaged properties as reported by a study from RESA( Real Estate Staging Association). NAR (National Realtors Association ) conducted a survey that revealed 71% of realtors estimate that staged properties sell for a higher price, some up to 20% more.

Most recent highest ROI items when staging a home are reported as:

fresh paint, landscaping, new front door, replacing garage doors, new and current light fixtures. The most important rooms are the kitchen, family/living areas and the master bedroom/bathroom.

According to ASP (Association of Professional Stagers) 75% of staged homes sell on an average of 11 days and for 17% more! This is the real deal… why not make the most return on what most likely is your largest investment?