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Success with Staging

Staging is one of the best investments you can make before you sell your house and even if you are not listing right now, applying these concepts will help make your home that much more enjoyable while you are still living there. Given that the spring real estate market has begun, I thought this would be a good time to share with you some of the reasons why Sellers stage their homes and some of the resulting benefits. Remember this is also food for thought as to how you might apply some of these tactics in your own home right now.

When we complete a staging job, my Fairfield and Westchester clients almost always like their house much more then before kellydesigns went in. I've often heard Sellers wonder why they didn't do these things sooner so they would have time to enjoy them and even say "now they don't want to leave." In fact I did have several clients who did just that. After it was staged, they decided to continue living in their home and not sell. This is why staging is so successful. It creates an environment that people want to live in.

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An important part of the staging process is to highlight the best features of the house. If there is an architecturally beautiful fireplace or a stunning view, when someone walks into the room you want their eyes to be drawn to that place. For this reason, the room layout is essential so that the architectural features are highlighted and noted. Clutter, on the other hand, calls attention to itself. So the first order of business is to remove excess stuff and either purge or store it somewhere. Too many smalls create visual clutter and force the potential buyer's attention away from the room and architectural details they need to focus upon. If it's overwhelming to even think of paring back your things, a professional organizer or we at kellydesigns can help you make those tough decisions.


Staging done right makes a home appealing and sexy and that is what sells a house! It is more than just putting furniture and accessories in a room, it is selling a lifestyle. It's virtually impossible to stage your own house because once you live in a home your perspective is so different than those of visitors. That's why both Realtors and homeowners reach out to us at kellydesigns to do it for them.

Even when it comes time for me to put my own home on the market, I too will seek the advice of a professional stager. That may seem strange but it's just impossible to look at your own home with an objective eye. Some personal items are ok but too many photos and collections will be distracting to buyers and they get caught up in your life and home as opposed to seeing themselves in that space. So less can definitely be more in that case of getting your home show ready. Yes, your potential Buyers have stuff too, but no one wants to know it exists. A clutter-free and depersonalized home enables potential buyers to picture THEMSELVES living there.

staging-statsTake a look at a design magazine. Every counter is sparse and clean and there is no clutter. Note that only some of the bare essentials are on the counter while the remainder is stored away within close reach. We look at these scenarios and they resonate with us because we want this IDEAL LIFE. We tend to think that having all these possessions is what it's all about. when in reality, having a bit less feels a whole lot better.

Now for our clients that are not putting their homes on the market and just want to get more organized, we help them by thoughtfully placing their things where they are not visible but still easily accessible. We do this by helping to organize their things and by building cabinets, bookcases, shelves in closets and bench seats that provide storage underneath. This creates peace and harmony in the home, which is what we at kellydesigns are all about!


As an interior design company we go beyond basic staging by adding a contemporary flare that will appeal to the tastes of current buyers. By making both the interior and exterior environment as appealing as possible, you'll be able to enjoy living in your home until it comes time to sell and when that happens, statistics show that you should sell it for more money in less time.

staging-statsStaging adds value to your home. When done right it creates a lifestyle, an ideal that people would like to imagine themselves living in. Staging plays up the best features of the house so that when buyers walk away they remember YOUR home. Even though it still feels like winter, the spring market is starting right now. So don't wait to call us so we can make your Fairfield and Westchester County home a memorable one.