Spruce Up Your Home For Spring

SPRING!?! Okay maybe I am just wishing it here but the most wonderful thing about spring is knowing that the best weather is in front of us. And even though Punxsutaney Phil said we should expect six more weeks of winter, why not start to plan how you are going to bring that spring cheer into your home now. These ideas can cost you very little money, yet they bring so much joy and light into your living space.

Are you one of those people that likes to rearrange things in your home periodically? (You can only imagine how many times I do it at my house!!! ) It certainly gives you a new perspective and what better time to do that other than after a little spring cleanup. You can rearrange furniture, accessories, lamps and pictures. Try removing all of your accessories and starting totally anew. You'll be surprised with the new and interesting places you find to put your things, maybe eliminate some or regroup some or even place them in different rooms. And the best part is that you don't need to purchase anything new to give your home that refreshed feeling. I have often suggested a simple new layout of furniture or a refinement of bookshelves to a client and suddenly the room looks completely different and the client is amazed! Try it, maybe you will amaze yourself...make the old feel new!

Cozy times spent cuddling on the couch in front of the fire are replaced with getting outdoors and admiring the beautiful colors of the season. So why not do the same inside. Put away heavy throws and pillows and replace with light textured fabrics and colors. Not only will it be more functional, it serves to brighten up the overall ambiance of your home. Be daring and go bold with vibrant colors. Think about the color of flowers and how they elevate your mood. This could be just the thing to add that much needed pop of color after a drab winter. Check out my Etsy shop for a selection of pillows and throws, consider new bedding and if you want to go big, I can help you pick out new rugs, paint colors or we can make you some new window treatments in our workroom. The trends for 2018 are full of texture and color, embrace them and refresh your home!

Freshen up the front entry & backyard entertaining area. Don't stop by just cleaning off your furniture, shine up those windows and take a look at your siding, porch and patio to see if it could use a good power wash. Lay down new door mats and spruce up your decor with new pillows in fun spring colors. Go to your favorite nursery and plant an assortment of flowers and greenery in planters around your front door and in containers. You can purchase beautiful ones that are pre-made or create your own with those as a model. Start planning your color scheme now for some winter cheer. There's nothing better than having a neat front entry to welcome guests and relaxing in a fresh crisp outdoor space to put yourself in a good mood when you get home.

from interiorism
from interiorism

Spring is a time of rebirth that brings joy to your heart after a cold and dreary winter. Experience that delight inside your home with fresh cut flowers, flowering plants and lush greenery. There are many interesting options today including terrariums made with air plants, mosses and succulents. For a more natural less fussy feeling use simple and rustic vases and containers made from galvanized steel, concrete and wood. Terrain is great place to provide inspiration. I am like a kid in candy store when I go there! Don't have a green thumb? There are some incredibly life life faux greenery and plants available that are amazing!

And yes there are times when refining and refreshing are just not enough, and you need to renew. Having a decorator help you is not as costly as you think and could be just what you need to make that move to renew. A good designer/decorator should help you make decisions that are smart and get you the most for money. They should also make it fun and easy!

When you need a reprise from winter, that's a great time to start dreaming of how you will spruce up your home for spring. I know it helps me beat the winter blues. These are some of the things I do with my Fairfield and Westchester design clients when the season changes and I hope it has provided you with some inspiration. For more ideas follow my work on Instagram or feel free to reach out anytime.


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