How to Sell Your Home and For MORE Money

Secrets on How to Sell Your Home Faster and For MORE $$$ Money

Boost Curb Appeal

This is something you always hear and with good reason. Buyers are making an emotional connection to your house before they set foot out of the car. Make sure your house number is easy to read, power wash, paint outside if necessary,mow, reseed, plant, trim back…take care of the landscaping! Wash all the windows, clean the front lighting, add a fresh doormat and newly potted plants to make the home appealing. No matter the size of the front porch, it just must say “welcome”. You want the buyer to imagine themselves sitting on your porch with friends on nice summer evening. Keep the lights on porch and walkway on during the evening.

Boos Curb AppealClear it all out

This means get rid of all your collections, pack it up, give it up, put it away. As sentimental as some of these things are to you, all it looks like to buyers are clutter. You want the buyers to see the details of the home ~ not your belongings. Clothes, toys and tchotchkes all about, prevent them from doing just that. Keep in mind you want the house to look big, spacious, immaculate,well cared for and uncluttered. Make a list of repairs that need to get done inside and out and take care of them all before placing your home on the market .

Freshen up your StyleFreshen up your Style

While you may love french country or shabby chic not everyone does. I always try to imagine who the buyer will be that will come to see the home. If it is decidedly a younger family then we need to make the home look and feel younger. Furnishings that feel comfy and homey , yet fresh is what you should strive for. Neutral contemporary colors work best. This foyer has a punch with a zebra rug yet homey and comfy with an inviting chair, fireplace and beautiful warm colors in the artwork.

Mirrors ,Mirrors, MirrorsMirrors ,Mirrors, Mirrors

By using mirrors liberally you can make your rooms look bigger, lighter, brighter and allow the natural light to flood the room. The mirrors can be on the walls or actually part of the furniture as you see here in this dining room.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

My rule of thumb is to never take photos or have showings with clutter and appliances on kitchen counters or bathroom counters and I do not leave mats on the any of the floors. Always have a secret hiding place to put all your everyday things for the showings. I always recommend fresh white towels for each bathroom, have them ready and put them out for only for showings and photos. White spells clean in the mind of a buyer and that is what buyers want in a kitchen and bathroom~CLEAN!

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

The outdoor spaces create as much interest for the buyer as the interior.You need to create the vignette of the great summer party or relaxing day reading in the garden. Add the decorative cushions, patio furniture, nicely potted plants, create the ambiance, your buyers will see this added living space.

Don't Forget the Outdoors - Deck Don't Forget the Outdoors