Quirky Tip Smart Snow Shoveling

As we head into the dead of winter, I wanted to share with you these sensible snow shoveling tips that I came across. Let me know if you try any of these. #4 looks like a good one. 

If it’s a big storm, don’t wait until the end to break out the snow shovel, or you will make your work harder and invite injury. Instead, shovel snow as it lands as often as once every hour. Use plastic shovels on bricks and pavers, where metal blades would cause damage. Keep your shovel close to your body. This will prevent overreaching, which causes undue strain to your arms, shoulders, and back.  Apply a generous coat of cooking spray to the front and back of your shovel blade. The lubricant will let snow slide right off the blade, avoiding those clumps that get stuck on the end making your shovel lighter. 

source: Bob Villa