Not your grandma's wallpaper….carrera marble, red wine…what to do?

WallpaperWhen many of us think wallpaper we think back to some old fuddy-duddy wallpaper that was in our Grandma’s house. Today there are so many stunning options! From bright and bold to serene and sophisticated. The options are vast and it can be a great way to show some style and texture in any room.

An interesting way to finish a space or to accent an area is to use a grasscloth, jute, hemp or sisal woven cloth for a wall covering. By taking one of the natural colors found in the cloth and matching it to ceilings and other fabrics, you can create a seamless, serene, elegant look with great texture and design style.

The paper weaves began many years ago in Japan as a art form. Many companies like Phillip Jefferies, ABA, and Scalamadre have managed to bring it back into the design world and make it interesting and beautiful. They also have now developed the warp and weft to make the weave a virtually seamless wallcovering.

Eclectic Family Room by Miami Photographers Craig Den

There are also many patterned wallpapers from modern damasks to graphic prints some even with metallic for sheen. Whatever you choose it will help create a focal point or add some punch to your walls in any room. Shy? afraid to try it…then try just a powder room. You will be happy you did!

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