How to clean your outdoor furniture
  • Remove loose debris and wipe the surface of the furniture using a soft-bristle brush or a soft, dry cloth. Be careful not to be too rough, as pushing loose debris into the surface may scratch your furniture.
  • The safest thing to use on any outdoor furniture is water, so start with a simple rinse, using a garden hose on a mid-level – not high-power jet – setting. This will loosen and remove dust and dirt left over from the dry surface cleaning.
  • Then, fill a bucket full of warm water and add ¼ cup of mild, unscented liquid dish soap.
  • Use a soft sponge, rag or soft-bristle brush to scrub away the remaining dirt. Be sure to get each side of all surfaces, scrubbing especially dirty areas as needed but avoiding pressure that might cause permanent scratches. For caked-on grime, allow soapy water to set on that spot for a few minutes to help loosen it before re-trying to wipe it clean.
  • (If your furniture is in a coastal or saltwater area, you’ll want to wash your outdoor furniture each week to prevent accumulated salt deposits from causing damage.)
  • Before the furniture dries, rinse off the soapy water to prevent water stains, left-behind dirt and soapy residue. This is easiest to do during cool, cloudy days or when the sun is low – such as early in the day or around dusk – so the high heat of the sun will not dry the soapy water before you can rinse it off.
  • If the cushions have covers , take them off and wash them in the machine and put them back on the cushions when damp.

source: frontgate