Kitchen tiles

How to Clean Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

Baking Soda for Kitchen Grease

If your backsplash tiles have a lot of grease on them, mix baking soda with some water to form a paste that’s thick enough to stick to the tiles. Rub the mixture over the greasy spots and wait at least 10 minutes.  Go over the tiles with a clean, wet sponge to wash away the paste. You may need to rinse the sponge and repeat several times to remove all of the baking soda paste.

Degreasing Product for Tough Stains

If baking soda doesn’t tackle the tough grease, you may need to move onto a degreaser like Goo Gone. Test it out on a hidden area of the backsplash to make sure it doesn’t discolor the tiles. Apply the degreaser only to the greasy areas, following the package instructions. Wipe all of the degreaser away well with a clean cloth.

Grease on Stone Tile

If your backsplash is made of natural stone, you’ll need to use cleaning products that are safe for it. You can use specialty cleaners designed for that type of stone.  If your slate or other stone backsplash isn’t sealed, grease can be a bigger problem because it can seep into the stone. Always test any cleaning products, even natural ones, in a hidden spot to ensure the stone doesn’t stain.

Dish soap mixed into warm water is generally a safe option for a stone backsplash. Scrub away the grease with a toothbrush or similar gentle brush.  Wipe away the soapy residue with a clean, moist cloth.

Vinegar Tile Cleaner

Cleaning kitchen tiles with vinegar is another natural solution for keeping your backsplash clean. Mix vinegar with warm water in equal parts in a spray bottle. Wet the tile backsplash with the vinegar solution and wipe them clean. This works well as a daily cleaner for your backsplash to keep grease from building up.

Source: hunker