Home Staging Helps Sell a Home

Home staging is one of the most effective, yet underutilized tools used in selling a house. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes sell an average of 78% faster than those that have not been staged.

Staging must be looked at and evaluated as an investment. While the cost of staging can range from 0.5-3.1 % of the listing price, the average selling price is 6-10% higher. These kinds of returns have led more and more realtors and the home sellers they represent to turn to staging designers to prepare their houses for sale. That said, home staging is undergoing a big shift. It’s no longer about making a home look pretty but about appealing to the people most likely to purchase the property. Knowing the house, the local market and the target demographic are keys to proper staging.

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kellydesigns has significant experience and a great track record in preparing homes for sale. We target obvious areas that need fixing up, such as peeling paint or outdated countertops, but our niche and expertise is in creating a ‘wow factor’. This wow factor is what’s needed to transform a house into a desirable home and to create an emotional connection for a large range of buyers. Our goal is for kellydesigns staged homes to stand out among comparable homes on the market and for potential buyers to see themselves living in that home. Our approach is to create a lifestyle experience where buyers can connect with the home
and picture themselves moving in right away.

Buyers make an emotional connection with a home within the first 10 seconds. If the home has the wow factor from the outside in, you will get an immediate response. An immediate positive response leads to greater demand, a quick sale and a higher sale price. We would love an opportunity to show you what we can do for you and your clients. Don’t leave your sale to chance.

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