Gorgeous Garden plus Pine-Sol – Who Knew?

front porchI remember when we first did our renovation; we were able to start landscaping with almost a clean slate. I was thrilled but also overwhelmed. How do you know what to put where and when to plant it?

courtesy of endlesssummerblooms.com

As I am a visual person I decided to start with a photo of a house I always admired in LBI as my basis of what I wanted it to look like in the end. I went about it slowly each year adding a few more perennials each time. I knew I did not want to replant annuals every year! I read every gardening magazine I could find to learn how to care for what I was planting and learn what were good complements for each of the plants. Using good soil is where it begins. Be sure to use organic garden soil for your beds and only use potting soil for your pots (they are not exchangeable). I started with blue Nikko hydrangeas under the porch and large ornamental grasses and layered that with some daylilies. In front of the stone wall I used ever blooming hydrangeas which are smaller, similar to the photo on the left, in addition to sedum, blue fescue, and daylilies. I also plant bulbs every other September for tulips and crocus and daffodils. In the backyard I carried out the same plantings of ornamental grasses, blue hydrangea and daylilies. I did add some rose bushes, some lilac bushes, clematis and peonies. I always have flowers to cut for arrangements in the house. Now each year I plant my vegetables and herbs then plant all my pots on the porch and on the patio and I am done!

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summer planterIn one of the magazines I read a long time ago it suggested that in each pot you need a thriller, filler and a spiller. It is how I design my potted plants every time. I look for something tall or exotic for the thrill, this year I am using red spikes and branches of pussy willow and curly willow. Then look for something to fill the pot, I am using petunias, lobelia and coleus. Lastly, the spiller will be sweet potato vine and bacopa.

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