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Five Things To Consider For Your Outdoor Space

from House Beautiful
from House Beautiful
Finally, summer and all its glory have arrived and we have the whole season ahead of us! There's no more dreaming of reading a book on a lounge chair or of family and friends gathering around the fire pit. We actually get to do it now.

This is the perfect time to survey your outdoor setup and make any necessary changes so you can maximize your relaxation and FUN! So, this month we're looking at some of the latest outdoor decor ideas and trends that I discuss with my  Fairfield and Westchester clients.  Let's get started because we all know summer goes by quickly and we need to make the most of it!!!

Long gone are the days of just sling chairs, picnic tables and chairs with umbrellas popping out of the middle. Today's outdoor spaces are recreations of the indoors including comfy furniture and luxury amenities complete with weather-resistant accessories.
To create an inviting outdoor space that you will actually use .... think as if you are decorating your Family Room.  Invest in classic and durable pieces that you can enjoy for years to come. Choose furniture with strong frames, made of high tech material that will not rust and fabrics that can endure the rain, dirt, and sun that comes with the outdoors.
There are a wide variety of rugs to choose from that can ground your space while withstanding the elements.  Garden stools always make great end tables and to modernize your space consider a low height coffee table or a one made out of cement. I love this low coffee table that is also a gas fire-pit!
from Restoration Hardware
from Restoration Hardware

This is paramount if you really want to hang in your outdoor space so choose wisely. Beware of outdoor furniture that looks great but is uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Consider choosing long couches not only for sitting but napping too! For sunbathing and relaxing pool-side opt for loungers with comfy cushions or trendy hammock style furniture. Covering your cushions when it rains and using fabrics that are made to withstand the elements will preserve the like and lessen the risk of mold and mildew.

Decorating your outdoor space is a great opportunity to go bold with color. To pick a scheme, think about your immediate surroundings. If your home is by the water, perhaps you want to think in blues and white. If you are in the country you may opt for more earthy colors. Stay classic when it comes to upholstery since you will have it for quite a while and whimsical when it comes to throw pillows. Think out of the box with things like black and white cabana stripes: a new twist on an old classic or blush pink: a trendy color this season and a perfect compliment to any garden setting. If your outdoor space is connected visually to your indoor space I find it best to create a connection through the use of color.

Just as with interior design, lighting is an important consideration for exterior design too. Think about how you will be using the space when the sun goes down. Candles create ambiance and when placed in lanterns can be moved around your yard where needed.

If you like to entertain, string lights create a cozy vibe on a small budget or opt for a professional lighting design to illuminate pools, additional gathering areas and to showcase aesthetically pleasing elements. If you like drama, add uplights in trees, large planters and on stone walls!

Accessories bring character to your space and are a great way to add pops of color. Of course, pillows are necessary to bring that sense of coziness and dimension to your seating area but don't stop there. Place outdoor worthy blankets in strategic places or rolled up in a basket for easy access. Think planters in whites or brighter colors .... useful trays and bowls ... tabletop fire pits and pretty decorative items to add an element of sophistication.

There are so many options to choose from today to make your outdoor space uniquely yours. You can start from scratch or add a few select pieces to what you already have to give it a current look and user-friendly appeal. Reach out anytime if you want help creating a space that you, your family and friends will enjoy all summer long!!!

from Elements of Style
from Elements of Style