Essentials of Accessorizing

Accessorizing BookshelvesWhy Accessorize??

  • It adds personality
  • Quickest way to update a room
  • Can change the mood of a room
  • Brings everything together to make a room feel finished and complete

Symmetry Arranging Art

  • Remember-shape, color, THEME and size
  • Should fill up the space about 2/3 or then it is too small
  • What size and shape to select is dictated by size of furniture or space
  • Follow the lines…is it vertical or horizontal?
  • Symmetrical placement when equal parts on each side is safe and traditiona
  • Layer items from front to back with smallest up front
  • Asymmetrical placement is unequal side of center and this is more contemporar
  • Layer art and move the color around shapes for better flow

Accessorizing BookshelvesAccessorizing Bookshelves

  • Shelves do not need to be filled to look pretty -actually it’s 1/2 to 2/3 full that looks best
  • Less is truly more in this case
  • Mix books, artifacts, art, mirrors, plates, photos
  • Let the shelves breathe a bit and bring items forward so you can see them
  • The weight of each piece is important
  • Your eye should not get stuck just in one spot, rather it should move throughout the shelves
  • Mix it up, move it around, with shape, sizes, textures and colors
  • I always try to color code the books and alternate placement -some vertical and some horizontal
  • Front the books by bringing them to the edge
  • Stack some books and place an artifact on top
  • Intersperse with accessories, photos, mirrors and art