How To Create a Stylish Console

While a console table is typically not a very large piece of furniture, the impression it makes is big.  As one of the first things you may see when entering a home, it sets the stage for what's to come. A console can be used in many highly visible places, adjacent to sofas, in interior hallways or at the entryway. So let's talk about how to go about styling your console like a pro. Here are the steps I go through with my Fairfield and Westchester clients to create a designer look that has dimension and purpose.

Start by choosing a mirror or piece of artwork that is 2/3 the size of the console. Whatever you choose, aim for something that commands attention and make sure it coordinates with the rest of your decor.
The next step is to create an anchor and this is an important step as it will be the focal point for the console. Lamps make great anchor pieces because they are stylish and functional but any large accessory will do. If your table is on the small side, choose a piece that is an appropriate size and keep it simple. Whatever you choose, make sure you position it so it overlaps the mirror or artwork in order to make the overall design feel connected.
Now its time to add accessories. Before you begin, break up the space up. If it is a longer console then you want to do 3 segments, if it is shorter only 2 segments will be needed. Group objects into each of the segments and choose ones that are of varying heights (high, medium and low).  I prefer not use accessories that match exactly but choose unique items of similar style and color. This way it looks coordinated but it is also visually interesting. As you see below the pair of lamps create symmetry on each end of the console yet the items in the inside segments create visual interest as they are have different textures and heights.
Console Table from Construindo Decor
from Construindo Decor
Depending on what kind of console you have, you may want to place objects underneath as well. Placing extra seating below in the form of small ottomans, poofs and stools add another dimension and is functional too. Under the console is also a great place for baskets and stacks of attractive books. Also know that this step is not at all necessary and not appropriate for all designs.

Decorating your console is an opportunity to show off your personal style. Perhaps you want to add an organic element such as a plant or display a cherished sculpture. Whatever you choose, always keeping in mind symmetry and overall balance. The process is not extensive but it is certainly a very thoughtful one. It's easy to let your console get filled up with odds and ends but equally as easy to create a look that is polished and makes a statement !

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